Belle Vue Park, Newport

Four more images from my Newport trip on a lovely sunny day in February. I’m staggered at how I managed to keep the camera that steady for the first one – 1/20sec!!!!

Crocus and snowdrops at Belle Vue


[EXIF: 1/20sec @ f/22; ISO 100; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS @ 105mm]

Several attempts to get this shot, none of them really worked as I hoped they would, but you could never get this shot at any other time of the year, and certainly you’d be lucky to get such a blue sky! Another hand-held shot, this time 1/15sec. I must have a good human tripod platform!

Belle Vue through the diamond


[EXIF: 1/15sec @ f/22; ISO 100; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS @ 56mm]

The shot below just attracted my eye. Same location as the previous post – I just like the contrasting textures and the fact that the green infill is so complete and perfect.

Belle Vue Park - mossy lines


[EXIF: 1/80sec @ f/8; ISO 100; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS @ 105mm]

The final shot is again from the same location in Belle Vue Park, a place I didn’t know existed and one well worth a visit. It has a nice cafe as well.

Belle Vue Park - lines and light


[EXIF: 1/50sec @ f/16; ISO 100; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS @ 35mm]

From which you can deduce that although I had a few lenses with me, I DO have a favourite. All the shots in Newport were taken with the 24-105 F4 lens. That, and the 55mm F1.8 lens, must be my favourites!

2 thoughts on “Belle Vue Park, Newport”

  1. I must take a look at the Park, David, it might be worth the photography group spending a morning there. I too am impressed by your steady hand.
    The crocuses are my favourite, a good composition, with the paving coming second. (You’ve mentioned the ‘abstract’ theme before.)
    Number two doesn’t really work for me either. Having the frame detracts from the shot of the building for me, without adding anything. The sky would be just as blue without the frame, and I can do without the silhouette of the plant stalk, and indeed any of the stalks. (Maybe a photographer should carry secateurs in his kit?)
    The colonnade is a nice shot, but I find the column on the right to have too much ‘weight’ in the composition, with nothing to balance it on the left. I’d be inclined to try cropping the right of the image, not necessarily to remove the column altogether though.

  2. Marie-Christine Dalmaz

    I tend to agree with Jim. I love your croci. I visited the park again yesterday, and I would encourage visitors to also discover the Beechwood park, much larger, with an interesting sunken garden, and a nice tea room by the House.

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