After the seed has gone

An afternoon at RSPB Newport Wetlands

Being close to the RSPB Reserve in Newport, I thought I’d just pop over and see what was there. Not much in the way of birds, but I was able to “play” with the camera a bit, and got these shots …

After the seed has gone

I walked past this grass and thought there must be a shot here – somewhere. I took several but this was by far the best. I’m rather pleased with it. Fast shutter speed and reasonably open aperture creates a pleasing background too.

[EXIF: 1/200sec @ f/9; ISO 100; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 24-105mm F4 G OSS @ 85mm]

Leaving Newport Docks as the tide rises

Someone I met told me that three ships had entered Newport docks the day before. Shortly after, I was able to take this shot of two of them, I’m presuming, leaving as the tide came in. Just an atmospheric shot – I’d got my long lens out too!

[EXIF: 1/200sec @ f/13; ISO 100; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS @ 200mm]

Long lens - all in focus

Just a bit of nonsense really. I wanted to test the camera and lens combination to see how sharp I could get an image front to back. I obviously didn’t get it quite right even though I think I was using manual focus with “blinkies”.

[EXIF: 1/125sec @ f/22; ISO 200; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS @ 106mm]

Through "the porthole"

Again, a bit of nonsense as I was leaving the Reserve. There’s a piece of sculpture at the entrance to the car park that’s just shouting “use me as a frame” – so I did! I’ve no recollection of why I chose these settings for the shot. The only one that makes sense is f/22. Answers to the way my brain might have been thinking on a postcard please.

[EXIF: 1/200sec @ f/22; ISO 800; Sony ILCE-7RM3; Sony FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS @ 185mm]

3 thoughts on “An afternoon at RSPB Newport Wetlands”

  1. John Whitelegg

    Excellent photos. I hope all those with interest/concerns about nature, biodiversity/intelligent thinking/waste of £2 billion public cash will add their voices in demanding that the Welsh Government and the Welsh Labour Party cancel the M4 relief road that trashes these wetlands and trashes nature reserve and trashes climate. The damage is enormous and the stupidity even worse. Check out the Gwent Wildlife Trust web site

    1. I suspected that you wouldn’t be able to resist a comment John! I find it easy to agree with your sentiments, but also feel that a solution to the congestion that occurs every day at the Brynglas tunnels must be found.

  2. You will be pleased to hear that I like the windmill in a frame more than the Belle Vue Park building in a frame, David. Just be pleased that your brain chose those settings, don’t worry about the why. I would now like to see what the whole sculpture looks like.
    What are ‘blinkies’?

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