Daffodils at The Beach House

A day of photography with David Taylor

A new start to the blog, and a new format, which I hope works for both readers and me as I continue on my photographic journey … and this set of images reflect that journey and how much I have still to learn. I spent the day near Craster with David Taylor – a present from Jenny – and we talked a lot about a lot of things both Sony A7r related (which he shoots with) and other technique stuff.

The image above was taken at the end of the day looking south towards Dunstanburgh Castle, an iconic view and I’m quite pleased with the delayed shutter action created by a combination of a ND filter, closed down aperture. and subtle removal of moving people!

Here are a few comments on the images in the slideshow below. We started off at Craster and walked towards Dunstanburgh Castle from the south – the first two shots are my attempt to really get to grip with getting depth of field spot-on. Verdict – better, but not quite there yet! I also took the great picture of the seaweed in the rock pool there. We then moved down to Howick and Rumbling Kern, the small bay/beach in front of The Bathing House. The rock formations are just amazing and both they, and the daffodils were very photogenic.

Below is a panorama taken on the day too of the Beach House at Howick standing on it’s amazing rock formation …

The Beach House panorama, Howick

You can see these and other photographs I’ve taken on my Flickr Albums page, where the EXIF information of the photos can also be obtained.

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