Sometimes after carefully staging your photograph, and cropping it following some of the standard rules, you then look at the image …

… and think … “would that make two better images?” So what do you think? I think they might stand better as two images side-by-side rather than one.










Meanwhile there’s always this one to look at. I think it tells a story, don’t you?

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  1. I agree with the title, David. When ‘polishing’ an image I usually start by cropping it to get a composition I’m happy with. I spend more time on that than on other things like brightness and contrast, which require less creativity. I’m not sure about the ‘standard rules’ you mention. I go by feel, so if I happen to follow them it is subconscious.
    As for your question, I think you are right to split the image. If possible I would just like a bit more space around Wallace, who is rather jammed into the corner. It would then match the Wendolene picture more.

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