Summer’s over

That was quite a shock! I looked at the last post on the blog and found it was June 29th. Now I know it’s been a strange year, and I know I haven’t taken as many photographs as I usually have done, but I was surprised to see my output to this blog, to Flickr and to Instagram had also dried up. So I must remedy that. Some weekly posts ahead then!

Thanks M for the H idea!

We’ll re-start with the Wildlife Camera and our hedgehog(s) – probably three different ones visiting at different times of the night. I’ve blogged about them elsewhere, with some videos, here also in daylight, which you might like to look at.

There were also some rather less welcome visitors …

… who seemed surprised by the Smurf “statue” …

You weren't here yesterday?

… whilst our solitary wood pigeon (who has no mate) expressed disdain for the same …

Now you don't see that very often

We had a few other visitors who posed for the wildlife camera too …

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