Dyffryn Gardens – the sun shone!

A few shots taken in the gardens at Dyffryn House on a lovely July day which we visited with our friends Chris and Carol. I was taken by the reflections created by the water drops entering the pond under the arch. I also created an animated gif of this shot which is rather interesting, I think.

Looking for the unexpected

A couple of images of the fly using all the pixels available to me to crop in close. The second one has a bit of vignetting added which I think helps the composition a bit.

Close-up, loads of pixels, heaps of cropping and a steady hand 

A touch of vignetting

Then this shot I rather like. I exposed for the shadows in the shed and then brought back the highlights in the garden beyond to give a nice balance to the image – I think!

In the potting shed

Finally, a bit of fun. Which is the subject in this image? The reflections in the pond with the water lily, or the reflections of the passerby. I don’t know.

Upside down and all confused

2 thoughts on “Dyffryn Gardens – the sun shone!”

  1. About the last photo, David, it was hard to answer your question because the image is larger than my laptop screen. I had to zoom my browser out to 50% to see it all. I think, as you hint, it is really two images, the reflection and the water lilies.

  2. About the first photo, David. I really like the animated gif, but I didn’t realise you had linked to it at first, because the whole sentence is in bold.

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