Guess where we were on Friday evening?

We enjoyed the best seats in the house for Brian Cox’s recent visit to Cardiff – front row – having booked the seats well over a year ago, mistaking the year of his visit (2019, not 2018). The wait was worth it. I could have taken pictures all night but was totally mesmerised by what he was saying – what I can remember is another matter.

However, it was a special evening and you just had to wonder at the amazing photography and the resolution of the NASA (and other) cameras and the mosaic approach to getting such fabulous images which you could appreciate so much more from so close to the stage and screen.

4 thoughts on “Guess where we were on Friday evening?”

  1. Hard to make out really but can imagine it was interesting. Have heard from others it’s a good night even though they didn’t know what he was talking about!! ?

    1. Yes sis – iPhone photography is not my strong point. The images were amazingly sharp though when you consider where they were taken from! It was agreat night and Jenny and I have talked a lot about the evening, ever since. Even bought the book to see if we could refresh our memories, not to mention understanding 🙂

  2. Yvonne Courtine

    Interesting images – I can imagine how thrilling the experience was, and well worth waiting the extra year!

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