Man in the shadows

Taking it easy at Belle Vue Park


The theme for the U3A photoshoot in Newport was “abstract”. I couldn’t manage to get there on the Wednesday, but benefited from much better weather on the Friday when I parked in Belle Vue Park and used that as my base to go out and take a few pictures, previously “Whoosh” and “Is that what you call not parking on double yellow lines“.

So this is me! The casual crossing of the legs and the glimpse of a boot left to give you a clue of what was happening. Not much else to say. It was a lovely day.

3 thoughts on “Man in the shadows”

  1. Jonathan guest

    I particularly like the way you’ve made the riven texture of the big slab look like the join of your legs David!

  2. I know Jonathan, some have it, others just aspire to have it – I’m in the latter camp having not noticed that feature until you pointed it out 🙂

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