Rough seas at Reynifsjara Beach

Iceland – Days 7 & 8

Rough seas at Reynifsjara Beach

The final day of the Workshop started on Reynifsjara Beach, where some of the party were able to walk to the basalt column cave, whilst I (and my bad back) had to content myself with taking photos of the stormy beach and the sea-stacks and arch at Dyrhólaey and the farm houses nearby. We then went on to Skógafoss – one of the highest waterfalls in Iceland – which I decided on such a grey day, would best be portrayed in black and white (below) …


Again, some of the party were able to get quite close to the waterfall, but I got out my long lens and took the shot (above) from a fair distance away! The weather report for the rest of the day was not good, and not wishing to risk getting snowed-out of Reykjavik we returned early to our hotel and a splendid tapas meal in the evening. The party then dispersed and left me to walk around Reykjavik the next day with Mike Browne (the leader of the Workshop) and take these shots including the one of Hallgrímskirkja cathedral, which given the weather of the afternoon before are almost unbelievable.

Waterfront at Reykjavík

Reykjavík cathedral

So … an interesting trip to Iceland. we didn’t get to see the Aurora Borealis, the evening/night weather was just too foul! Thor Jonsson tried valiantly to chase it down, but it was not playing ball. Will I go back again? Possibly, but with Jenny next time, and we’ll hire a car and do it by ourselves as I now know where to go. Will I try and chase the northern lights in Iceland, in February? Probably not!

Here’s a Gallery of Images from the trip on Flickr …

Iceland, 2018

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