Pewter bar and whisky taps

We had lunch in this pub – The Haunch of Venison – on Friday. It’s 700 years old and still not the oldest in Salisbury. It does boast two remarkable features and two interesting historical notes, as well as the obligatory ghost stories.

In the picture above you might just notice what is thought to be the only remaining pewter bar in the UK, and most probably the last remaining, but not working, whisky taps (right-hand-side behind the bar). The piping is lead!!

Then in the picture below, the alcove houses (where the original was found, embedded in the wall) a replica of a hand holding playing cards. A pretty drastic punishment for cheating is the legend.

The other interesting historical note is that it is reported that Churchill and Eisenhower met in a private bar (we saw it) in the pub before Operation Overlord.

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