Photo Workshop in Pembrokeshire

Yr Parrog

I do like to get away for a few days to spend time in the company of other people who have photography as their hobby (even passion). With them you don’t feel nerdy when you’re walking about with a big bag and a tripod – it’s just what they (you) do; it’s natural; you feel comfortable. That, plus the camaraderie – the learning from each other (and of course Nick), makes for a splendid holiday and you get taken to spots that even though you think you know the area still throws up surprises, like the Morris Minor graveyard in the first couple of shots.

I’ll try and run you through them. The cars are in a garage on the way to Strumble Head (where the next three shots were taken) – I like the one taken into the setting sun, I didn’t know whether I could do anything with the shadows with such a strong background and reflections but I do think there’s something there. Then some shots taken in Abergwaun when the tide was out – so mud and reflections were the order of the day. Up the north Pembrokeshire coast to Cwm yr Eglwys (really cross I didn’t get the complete cross in that shot); then Parrog and Newport Beach followed by magical moments at Pentre Ifan Burial Chamber; then a return visit to Abergwaun for more reflections in the early-evening sunlight. Finally, St Davids, Whitesands Bay and St Justinian after a diversion to Mathry to marvel at the shop closed for business but still telling a lot of stories! I’m not going to name a favourite, I like them all and these are just a selection from 272 I took whilst I was there.

As usual, the pictures can also be seen in a Flickr album with the EXIF data, and more precise information on the locations. My Flickr photos also have captions which sometimes tell you what was going on in my mind when I took the shot!

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