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Visiting familiar places with a different set of eyes

Glamorgan Building“This week’s photo shoot is Cathays Park”. Now what was I going to take a picture of that I didn’t know everything about already. The theme is “architecture” or “architectural detail”. Well that helps a little to focus the mind, I suppose. Anyway, as always, once I got my head in the right space, I was able to see pictures I’d never seen before. Looking up is something we don’t do enough of, and in Cardiff you’re missing something if you don’t look up.

So a few shots around and about the university, but only one of that building itself as there were actually far more interesting subjects to capture – such as the juxtaposition of the statue and the City Hall spire; the statues outside the Glamorgan Building – which needed some straightening and which looked good in black and white; the Temple of Peace with the City Hall inn the background and those lovely tulips in the foreground (I think I’m really getting on top of this depth of field thing now); Lloyd George (holding the Welsh Dragon)? and other statues and flowers galore. A great location, especially if it doesn’t rain – which it didn’t for the time we were out and about.

As usual, the pictures can be seen in a Flickr album with the EXIF data.

2 thoughts on “Visiting familiar places with a different set of eyes”

  1. That’s a nice set of photos, David. I’ve just got one comment, with my pedant’s hat on. The structure you call the Temple of Peace is actually the Welsh National War Memorial. The T of P is a nearby building.

    1. Well, I never knew that. After all my years living in Cardiff, I’d always thought that was what the monument was called. I’d never even noticed the other one. Just shows what a different pair of eyes can do! Thanks Jim.

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