The Crown Inn at Alvediston

The pub that isn't a pub ... yet
The Crown Inn, Alvediston

When is a country pub not a country pub … when it’s a B&B that’s just been taken over and they haven’t opened the bar yet! No issues with that. We had been warned before we arrived that this was the case and we said “no worries, we just want a little bit of quiet”, the answer “we do that!” and indeed they did. Alvediston is one of those places that’s very hard to find, almost impossible to give directions for and absolutely essential that you have a satnav to navigate to. In the middle of nowhere might be one description. In deepest Wiltshire would be a better one half-way between Salisbury and Shaftesbury.

What a lovely spot though. Apparently Sir Anthony Eden thought so too and he lived from 1966 until his death in 1977 in Alvediston Manor, just down the road from the Crown Inn. We really hope that Gloria and Steve‘s new venture in taking over the pub is a huge success. Already they have opened a tea room and are thinking of opening a community shop in the premises too. I do hope we get back to see them another time and see how they’ve got on.

The Crown Inn, Alvediston

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