The Wedding Bus

The Wedding Bus

Old Wardour CastleSo, having had a lovely breakfast in The Crown Inn B&B, we set off for Compton Chamberlayne to look at a church that I thought had early family connections – it didn’t I found out two days later after visiting the Hampshire County Archive in Winchester – when we discovered we’d left a case in the car park!!! So we returned to the B&B and decided to go to Old Warlour Castle – wanting to make use of our Cadw (English Heritage) passes – and we got stuck behind this bus for several miles in country lanes and then the awful truth began to dawn upon us … it was going to the same place we were. A quick check of the guidebook, and yes – Old Wardour Castle was licensed for weddings. By this time, we had cars behind us as well, and nowhere to pull off the road to let them pass. Nothing else to do but follow the bus to its destination and then escape. Which we did! The rest of the day was relatively uneventful.

More pictures from our wanders through Wiltshire are to be found on Google Photos and Flickr.

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