I was, and I still am, a geographer and a geomorphologist at heart even after all the years away from my "practising" days. Before we left for Utah, I knew…

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Mexican Hat

The journey from Hanksville to Mexican Hat on first StateĀ 95 and then StateĀ 261 was not without its moments. Just look up Moki Dugway to see what I mean. It was…

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Painted rocks

Somewhere on the road from Hanksville to Hite on Route 96 in Utah (as I recall) I saw this jumble of colours of eroded brightly coloured sandstone rock and tussocky…

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Mono Lake

In the lee of the Sierra Nevada after you've crossed the mountains from Yosemite, and before you descend down towards Death Valley and Las Vegas you come across these amazing…

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Bryce Canyon

Continuing the series of old pre-digital images whose negatives I've scanned, the next few posts are from a "road trip" we did from San Francisco through Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion…

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This is one of my very favourite places. As an early teenager living in Cornwall and interested in geology, I would often take off on my bike and wander around…

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Spirit Island

This is a very well known spot for photographers. Some take just the island with the lake and mountains. I thought with the sky being so impressive that it might…

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