Autumn 2016 – Roath Park

Another set of images from our glorious autumn in Cardiff. By far the best we can remember in over 30 years living in the city. Last Sunday – the first in November – I saw the sky, grabbed my camera and set off down the road to Roath Park. A brisk walk round the lake framing pictures in my mind, noting where the light was, and then back to the spots I’d identified and some images I’m very pleased with. There were a lot of people around; it just needed a bit of patience and some cropping to get what you see here. Very little post-processing applied apart from the one of the Scott Memorial looking down the lake as the light was going and I was shooting from, through and into shade. I include it because it was a view I’d never seen before in all the times I’d walked round the lake. Just goes to show. What this has done is encourage me to always have a camera with me in the car. You never know …

The images are also on flickr, and on Google Photos.


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