Spillage - Bath

From Bradford-on-Avon to Bath, and back, on a canal boat – 3

Spillage - Bath

Our destination … before we returned to Bradford-on-Avon – was Bath. We explored the area of the canal that leads down to the River Avon, and thence by river to Bristol, as well as the city itself from our mooring near to the city centre.

Pulteney Bridge - Bath

Pulteney wier - Bath

Pulteney wier - Bath

Our mooring for the night – modified in Lightroom somewhat to give a dreamy look.

10 thoughts on “From Bradford-on-Avon to Bath, and back, on a canal boat – 3”

  1. Hi David,
    Thanks for asking for comments. I do like the lock gates, and the shot of Pulteney Bridge.
    This was my first visit though, so I had two problems. I found the ‘Autumn wood’ background distracting, and I couldn’t view those two ‘portrait’ photos without zooming the browser out to 50%. I have now found that the answer is to click on a photo, then I can view the whole gallery full-frame with a black background.

    1. Thanks Jim,
      I’m glad you liked the lock gates – I did too! Pulteney Bridge is much photographed, so I was pleased to get several different shots, and the one I think you like – looking down on it – is one that I hadn’t taken before.

      As for the background – I’m sorry you find it distracting. However, I’m glad you found the answer too! On my other photography website (Galleries from the menu bar on the Home page) there’s a Help page. Perhaps I should write something similar for this one – https://mlt.photography/help/

      I’ll think about the background. It’s been there for so long, I’ve never given it a moments thought – but now I will. Perhaps I’ll leave it on the Home Page, but blank it for the individual Post pages. Cheers!

  2. Maybe the inclusion of a little yellow duck would open up the blog to younger readers/viewers…My first comment to enable you to approve me ;)! Great shots Dad – and enjoy the text – will you still be doing photo books as well?

    1. Great idea DeeJay – can always rely on you for insightful input! Yes, Photobooks are still on the agenda “Eighteen moments …” will be ready for Christmas. Orders taken now!

  3. Thanks for sharing. These are beautiful. Just like a picture postcard. Do you use the Sony mirrorless?

    1. Yes I do Bobbie, one of the first – the A7r – all my gear and the way I process these images is detailed on the About page. When I remember I put the EXIF data on the blog posts 🙂

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