With this shot, I’ll have caught-up. It’s been a relatively barren couple of months for my photography …

The snow moon

I’ve tried and notably failed in taking pictures of the moon, but the advance notice of the appearance of “the snow moon”, plus a completely clear sky lured me (in the cold) on to the field with the tripod, my 70-200mm telephoto lens and faith that cropping in Lightroom would deliver the image!

What I hadn’t appreciated – and I had to retreat to the warmth of the house to find out – was that setting manual focus on the lens of the camera onto infinity does not work. You have to actually manually focus to get a sharp image. This I eventually did, and with this knowledge, I may be inspired to try more astro-photography. [Click on the image to get the EXIF data.]

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  1. A nicely focused shot of the moon! Very interesting.

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