Remains of the Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road

Revisiting the Great Ocean Road

We took ourselves off down the Great Ocean Road, travelling first to Peterborough by the inland route. We stayed overnight there and I managed to get a shot of the sunset over the Bay of Martyrs. I’d used The Photographer’s Ephemera to scout in advance exactly where I wanted to be and so with minutes …

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Brancos lookout

It’s all about the light, it’s all about the light. That’s drummed into photographers and of course it’s true. Round about sundowner time (indeed we enjoyed a bottle of sparkling wine after this picture was taken as the sun went down), I took this picture from Brancos lookout, looking over the Pentecost River in El …

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The Red Centre – best of the rest!

To finish off the trip to the Red Centre we stayed at Glen Helen and looked out towards Gosse Bluff, walked up Ormiston Gorge, visited Ochre Pits and ended at Ellery Creek Big Hole (above). A set of photos from this final day is here. Below is a picture of Ormiston Gorge Ghost Gum Walk …

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Preview: Melbourne skyline

By way of a test for my new “strategy” of posting to Facebook, here’s a preview of an image that will be posted in a few days of the Yarra River waterfront at dusk – I should probably have scrubbed out the crane – only just noticed it! [PS Scrapped that strategy in late-2018 after …

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Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) – plants, trees and the Valley of the Winds

More remarkable than Uluru in many ways is it’s near neighbour Kata Tjuta. The geology of Central Australia is fascinating. I’ve promised myself to research it to fully understand what has been going on in the interior of this vast sub-continent. One day, one day. For the meantime I’m more than satisfied by our walk …

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