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Photo Workshop in Pembrokeshire

I do like to get away for a few days to spend time in the company of other people who have photography as their hobby (even passion). With them you don’t feel nerdy when you’re walking about with a big bag and a tripod – it’s just what they (you) do; it’s natural; you feel […]

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All in focus

Waterfall experiments

If you look through my Galleries or Albums you will soon realise I rather like taking pictures of rivers, waterfalls, and the like. It’s obviously a throwback to my days as a fluvial geomorphologist and hydrologist. I think I’ve just about got the “silky” water effect cracked now, although when you’re short of light to start with,

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Winter reed beneath Claerwen Dam

Macro fun in Mid-Wales

I’ve reported before about trying to get to grips with macro-photography. Well … the opportunity to really try to get on top of this photographic “genre” came about on the latest Photo Workshop I participated in with Nick Jenkins. A return to familiar locations (for the first day at least) meant that I could just try

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Ingleton Falls

Ingleton Falls

A picture from the Yorkshire Dales Photo Workshop. This is where I learnt to do silky waterfalls. The secret, if there is one, aperture priority and use a graduated filter to reduce the shutter speed. I actually like the composition of this image with the river exiting the picture to the right front. Below is

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Bubbling and foaming 2010

Bubbling and foaming, Ribble Valley

This image marks the day I started taking RAW+JPEG images (I now just shoot using RAW). It also marks the occasion of a dastardly attempt on my life, when one rather clumsy fellow Workshop attendee stepped (or fell) off a rock and nearly pitched me, my tripod and all my gear into the river just

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