Ingleton Falls

Ingleton Falls

A picture from the Yorkshire Dales Photo Workshop. This is where I learnt to do silky waterfalls. The secret, if there is one, aperture priority and use a graduated filter to reduce the shutter speed. I actually like the composition of this image with the river exiting the picture to the right front. Below is

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Bubbling and foaming 2010

Bubbling and foaming, Ribble Valley

This image marks the day I started taking RAW+JPEG images (I now just shoot using RAW). It also marks the occasion of a dastardly attempt on my life, when one rather clumsy fellow Workshop attendee stepped (or fell) off a rock and nearly pitched me, my tripod and all my gear into the river just

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Solitary tree on limestone pavement

Solitary Tree on Limestone Pavement

Near Malham TarnNot far from High Trenhouse, and Malham Tarn, this classic “solitary tree” picture was a bit of a challenge – given the rather dull and overcast day. Getting the right alignment of the clints (the cracks in the limestone pavement) with the tree and the camera was the first task, then it was

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